Upcoming projects!

Hi everyone – I thought it was about time I made an update to my blog, and since I actually have something to talk about, no better time than the present!

First of all, thanks to everyone that has helped make my latest book, Bounty, such a success.  It hit the top 100 in the entire Amazon store, and I couldn’t be happier.

For those of you that did buy it, you may have noticed that I added the first few pages of my next book at the back (and if you didn’t notice that, go check it out!).  I also spoke a bit about that project, so since it’s no longer a secret, I thought I’d share it here as well for everyone else.

I’m currently working on a new trilogy of books.  They’re stand-alone, but they all center around the Hale boys.  Three troublesome brothers that are trying to turn their lives around.  The plan is for the books to come out, one per month, and hopefully starting in May.  I don’t want to get too specific with my commitments as I learned with Silver and Chrome that the added pressure of a set release date doesn’t quite give me the motivation I thought it would!

Also, I think that I would like to have not only written book 1, but at least most of book 2 before I release the first one.  That way I know that the next one is more likely to hit around a month later, and I don’t have to worry about writing it from scratch.

Anyway, I hope that interests you and if you want to read a bit of what I have so far, just pick up a copy of Bounty and flip to the back.  Feel free to let me know what you think, I love hearing from you all!




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